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The Arken Instrumentum is slated for launch on the Arken website in late August/early September. Pre-order pricing starts at $500, and delivery should begin in early 2022. You can sign up for the Arken mailing list on the brand’s website right here.

The new collection features classic shoulder stitching. Whatever color dial you have on your watch, there is a strap to match. Genteel has chosen to offer leather in five different colors: blue, green brown cognac or black.

You could learn about the Vampires, the Air Test and Evaluation Squadron Nine pilots who operate in a restricted airspace above the Mojave Desert. These daredevils can benefit from an Replica Patek Philippe scratch-resistant ceramic case as they enter and exit their cramped cockpits. But I won't.
The vast majority of people who wear this watch will not be fighter pilots.

To clarify, Jorg, this is certainly not my Royal Oak. I wish it were; I’d move to Miami, start wearing white jeans, and bathe in aftershave. Unfortunately for me, the gold RO is but a dream. And dream I shall, as it nails the subtle iteration on a luxury stalwart. You mentioned how the buzz fizzled out shortly after the 50th-anniversary launch earlier this year. I also noticed the sudden drop-off of interest in the new Royal Oak. It undoubtedly explains why AP is giving the new collection a little boost to remind everyone of its existence. Sure, Audemars Piguet wanted to honor the day the Royal Oak was born all those years ago, but it felt like it needed a bump up notext the inbox.

When I read that it has a Ronda automatic movement, I didn’t know what to think. Ask me what brands are using Sellita, and we can open a wine bottle to it. But ask me about Ronda, and there will be an awkward silence. I even called my watchmaker to ask him how he felt about the Ronda R150. He hasn’t had any on his bench yet.

And we all believed that message too. I can’t imagine how many vigilant children tested the patience of their parents every camping trip as they grilled them on their fire-safety protocol. But it worked. For the better part of a century, the United States faired fairly well in the way of wildfires. These recent mega-infernos fit for B-movie destruction flicks were unheard of until recently. So what happened?

5) The Mediostat can be hard to find

Whether the Sky-Dweller is fitted with an Oysterflex strap or an Oyster bracelet, each is equipped with a folding Oysterclasp with a Glidelock system. The Oyster bracelet can be extended 5 mm for comfort whereas the Oysterflex can be adjusted up to 15 mm (in 2.5 mm increments).

As the name would suggest, Dornblüth & Sohn is a family affair — making marine chronometer-style watches the old-fashioned copy rolex way, without the aid of CNC machines. Their ébauches are ETA-based, but basically re-made in-house, and have real character. Stylistically, there isn’t too much variance: you might get a regulator dial or an oversized sub second, but on the whole they’re very traditional. We say “on the whole” because then we saw this watch, a limited edition for Australian retailer Define, with a surprisingly modern-style linear power reserve in bright red, to go with the 12. Unexpected, but we’re into it. $14,300


Vince Gilligan wrote and designed episode 4 of Better Call Saul to appear on Time+Tide. The opening scene in episode four, how much is a fake rolex in chinatown as written below (without the twist, but still awesome), revolves around the watch. The episode is also notable for being the first Vince Gilligan show to mention Australia in recent memory. This includes X Files and Breaking Bad.

Why so angry? Anger itself: What makes us angry?

The artistic Seiko 5 Sports 55th Anniversary COIN PARKING DELIVERY Limited Edition

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