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Let's sum up: enjoy being a collector of watches! It is fine to look at an old Rolex dial through a loupe, even in public.

All indications are printed in black (except the 31st of the month in the date subsidiary dial, which is red). At 12 o’clock is an hour and minute display, with Roman numerals for the hours and dots for the minutes, and red god lance-shaped hands. At 6 o’clock is an oversized date display. And around the perimeter of the entire dial is the deadbeat seconds display.

The mechanical Voiture is a step up over the Seiko VK63 quartz meca-quartz movements. The mecaquartz Voiture is priced at 372. The mechanical party pieces in black, gray and blue that are limited to 100 units each cost 1,679. The Voiture is a perfect way to celebrate Nezumi's 10th anniversary, as this chronograph inspired by cars was the brand’s first watch.

NBA player Kevin Durant is often seen wearing a gold chain or two when he's off the field. Kevin Durant is highly regarded for his swaggy style and prefers thinner curb style chains that are longer. He's been seen wearing thin gold chains with big, flashy pendants before, but in recent years he's been happy to mix a solo gold chain with a dope jacket or even a velvet blazer.

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I get it when people say they dislike power reserves on automatic movements and find them somewhat pointless. I get that argument and partially agree, but I still think it looks cool here. My Grand Seiko Skyflake suffers from the same affliction, but I got over it pretty quickly and loved its inclusion. Tudor has officially discontinued the North Flag, but it’s very easy to pick one up from ADs who still have them in stock brand new. Hopefully, this is not bending the rules too much, but the North Flag deserves its spot on my list!
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While pink can be a divisive dial replica patek philippe watches color, this dial has a magical touch. Depending on the amount of light, the dial changes color frequently. In low-light conditions, the dial is soft and blends in with the color of the titanium case and bracelet. Once the dial is in the sunlight, however, it lights up with a beautiful shade of pink. It is significantly brighter, but it is never too bright.

Additionally, part of their formula for success seems to be the ability to create small limited series of watches, with a wide variety of styles.

Double-Hand Chronographs use the same design as Parmigiani's. Pulling the crown one position out to adjust the lower hour hand by one-hour increments is done after the chronograph has been reset with only the upper hands visible. The lower hour hand will continue to move from the hour that was set, as both hands are already watch replica moving. The wearer will have to keep track of a second zone, but they can do so by remembering whether the time clone watches is AM or PM.

The Titanium version (pictured) comes in a limited edition of 200 pieces. 947.950.04/0371 AN15. In a limited edition of 100 pieces, a black PVD Titanium and red gold bezel is available. 947.950.86/0371 AN16.

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